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We may not be totally perfect - but some parts of us are excellent.


UNITED PARTNERS  is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America , Europe and Mid-East.

UNITED PARTNERS holds the belief that our companies will provide business development and management consulting services of the highest professional standard.

Our companies are committed to the proposition that every business is unique. As such, we seek to apply individualized creative solutions specially tailored to address the needs and concerns of our clients.

No other company enjoys our reputation for accuracy, knowledge and expertise. It is our mission to offer our clients a significant return on their investment, and establish long and fruitful relationships.


We believe that each client should be competitive with his peer group by focusing on the basic tenets of business which are producing profitable sales, controlling the cost of goods sold, controlling overhead expenses, and controlling overall costs by budgeting percentages rather than dollars, and treating profit as the first item of expense rather than the last. All too often a business owner will settle for a profit that is left over after all the other expenses have been paid, rather than planning for a mandatory minimum level of profitability for the company