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Who We Are

UNITED PARTNERS is one of the world's leading management consulting and business development companies, headquartered in Newyork.

UNITED PARTNERS has grown to more than 45 employees, offering consulting services to businesses throughout the Newyork Chicago München İstanbul and Bursa officies.

UNITED PARTNERS is one of the fastest growing global management  company.

Established in 1998, primarily as a small business development firm, UNITED PARTNERS soon became a full service management consulting firm, employing more than 45 employees.

The founder’s vision was to build a company that would provide quality consulting services to businesses and provide a rewarding lifestyle for its employees. This vision is now a reality. UNITED PARTNERS provides consulting services and guidance to owners of small to medium-size businesses.   


Chicago   David SORENDO   ,   New york - Jack LEISER   ,                                                           München     Rudolf BERGEMANN   , İstanbul  & Bursa   Hakan GUNER